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Life Science
The study of living things, including plants, animals, and humans
Earth & Space Science
The study of land, air, water . . . and the universe around us
Physical Science
The study of matter, energy, and natural forces

About the Curriculum

The EiE Curriculum consists of three components: a teacher guide, storybook and materials kit. 

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A grant from Oracle is helping Silicon Valley educators meet the Next Generation Science Standards by using EiE in their classrooms. The grant enabled 40 teachers to attend EiE professional...
Cambridge, England (October 2, 2014) — The International Society for Design and Development in Education has awarded the 2014 ISDDE Prize (also called the “Eddy”) to Dr. Christine Cunningham, a vice...


November 5, 2014 • 8:30 AM to November 7, 2014 • 3:00 PM
If you’re a professional development provider, this workshop prepares you to facilitate EiE professional development workshops for teachers in your school, district, or state. Like all EiE workshops...
November 6, 2014 • 8:30 AM to • 4:00 PM
Get the skills you need to teach the EiE curriculum unit “The Attraction is Obvious: Designing Maglev Systems” at this professional development workshop offered through the Connecticut...

EiE is the BEST BEST BEST [STEM] program I have used in the classroom…the kids never wanted the unit to end. The way the program engages students’ thinking was the best part and my kiddos made connections with the engineering design process and math. It’s just really a great program! If you can participate, I encourage you to do so—it’s amazing!

Jami, fourth-grade teacher,
Holyoke, MA