Everyone Engineers!

This workshop prepares elementary school teachers to use the EiE curriculum 

This learner-driven workshop is designed to build your knowledge of engineering and your confidence in teaching it. You’ll get hands-on experience with EiE materials and insights into the most effective strategies for teaching the curriculum.

During this two-day, hands-on workshop, you will
  • gain foundational knowledge of technology, engineering, and the engineering design process
  • become familiar with how EiE curriculum units are structured
  • become familiar with EiE’s underlying pedagogical approach
  • experience a full EiE unit, both as a learner and as a teacher
  • experience a variety of additional modified EiE unit design challenges
  • reflect on the learning experiences your students will have with EiE
  • reflect on the instructional strategies you’ve learned
You will leave this workshop
  • prepared to teach any EiE unit in your classroom
  • confident that you can implement open-ended engineering design challenges with your students
  • equipped with the EiE Teacher Guide of your choice

SAMPLE workshop agenda

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