Lesson 2

No Bones About It: Designing Knee Braces

Designing Knee Braces / Grade 3 / Kittery, ME

The EIE Curriculum

EIE - No Bones About it: Designing Knee Braces Lesson 2

Reflection Questions

How do you see Kate engaging students with hands-on activities?

Kate promotes the students to connect their engineering learning with real-life experiences of their own, all the while using hands-on activities and prompts to keep everyone interested.

  • Kate has Lilly walk and jog in front of the class for students to observe what parts of the body are used for walking/running. (0:53)
  • Kate has the students take off their shoes and feel the parts of their feet that she is reviewing to give them a better sense of the anatomical parts that they’re looking for. (3:00)
  • Kate has each student tape their footprint on the board, giving them a visual sense of where their arch ranks. (7:25)

How does Kate use Lesson 2 as a way to give the students a broader view of Biomedical Engineering?

Kate gives her students a context for their assignment, and returns to it often to help the kids think in terms of a biomedical engineer.

  • Kate starts off the lesson talking about how, “biomedical engineers don’t just work on knees and knee braces.” (0:31)
  • Kate reads the letter, addressing their team as the “arch height team”, giving the students a sense that their work is leading to something bigger than a usual classroom context. (2:14)
  • Kate tells her students to rank their arch heights in groups of four, giving her students time to compare/contrast their individual footprints. (6:50)
  • Kate tells her students that the arch height test that they’re doing is “real-life data analysis.” (8:18)