Lesson 4

No Bones About It: Designing Knee Braces

Designing Knee Braces / Grade 3 / Kittery, ME

The EIE Curriculum

EIE - No Bones About it: Designing Knee Braces Lesson 4

Reflection Questions

When do you see students referencing worksheets to help them in their design process?

Students use a variety of worksheets provided with the Knee Brace unit to make evidence based decisions or to keep them on track.

  • A student group references their plan worksheet to see determine the ideal location when deciding on where to place felt for comfort. (2:18)
  • A team member shows another student where the Velcro goes on their design by looking back at the imagine worksheet. (3:36)
  • Kate has a student reference her materials sheet to see how many pieces or inches of cloth she needs for her design. (5:26)

Where does Kate facilitate group discussion among her students?

Kate uses both whole class and small group discussion to reach her students and help them convey ideas among their teammates and peers.

  • Kate encourages her students to test their usability criteria with their first knee brace design so they can learn from failure after they express disappointment. (6:42–6:53)
  • Kate has some of her student groups test in front of the whole class so that everyone gets a chance to see the success or failure of their classmate’s designs. (7:34–8:58)