Lesson 1

No Bones About It: Designing Knee Braces

Erik’s Unexpected Twist Storybook / Grade 5 / Boston, MA

The EIE Curriculum

EIE - No Bones About it: Designing Knee Braces Lesson 1

A storybook introduces the engineering challenge and context. In this story, Erik, a boy from Germany, learns about biomedical engineering as he attempts to design a knee brace for a fellow camper who has injured his knee.

Reflection Questions

What types of reading response questions does Kathy ask to engage her students?

Kathy asks questions to help students draw inferences, share their prior knowledge, and make connections to their own lives.

  • Kathy prompts students to make inferences when she asks them how they think Erik felt when his mother scolded him about not wearing his knee brace. (3:09)
  • Kathy has students review their prior knowledge when she asks about the steps in the Engineering Design Process (EDP). (3:47)
  • When Kathy has students explore the range of movement of their elbows, she helps them connect information in the book to their own bodies and experiences. (4:18)

How do you see this lesson laying the foundation for the design challenge to come?

The storybook and the EiE handouts provide background knowledge that students need in order to solve the knee brace engineering challenge.

  • The story motivates students by introducing the design challenge in the context of an outdoor adventure. (2:20)
  • Lesson 1 handouts help students refresh their knowledge of bones and muscles and how they work together to create movement. (4:52)
  • The EDP handout helps students review and think about how characters in the book used the steps to solve the challenge. (6:14)