Lesson 3

Solid as a Rock: Replicating an Artifact

Material Properties / Grade 3 / Tuscon, AZ

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Solid as a Rock: Replicating an Artifact Lesson 3

Students perform controlled experiments to identify properties of a variety of rocks and humanmade materials.

Reflection Questions

How does Karissa support her students to meet the objectives of Lesson 3?

Karissa provides time for thoughtful reflection as a class and in-depth exploration of materials in small groups.

  • As a full class, Karissa encourages students to ask questions about the design challenge, allowing them the time and space to think critically about how they will evaluate their materials. (0:28)
  • Karissa gives her students the opportunity to do hands-on exploration of the materials they’ll be working with in the design challenge in small groups and encourages them to make observations about their properties. (2:30)
  • Karissa has her students conduct a controlled test in small groups to study the hardness and durability of their materials. (4:38)

In what ways does Karissa give her students opportunities to come to their own understanding about which materials may be best to replicate their artifact?

Through testing materials and sharing out results, Karissa’s students realize that some materials are better than others for replicating their artifact.

  • Karissa’s students begin to solidify their understanding of the properties of materials when Karissa guides them to describe the materials they are exploring and then pick their top choices. (3:28–4:31)
  • After Karissa’s students share out the results of their hardness test, Karissa has them specifically name the materials that would not suitable for replicating their artifact (6:49).