Lesson 4

Solid as a Rock: Replicating an Artifact

Replicating an Artifact / Grade 3 / Tucson, AZ

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Solid as a Rock: Replicating an Artifact Lesson 4

Students apply their knowledge of materials as they imagine, plan, create, test, and improve their own replicas of an artifact.

Reflection Questions

How do students use prior knowledge and established criteria to make informed decisions about their design choices?

Students reflect back on their past experiences in Lesson 3 to make informed decisions for their design challenge.

  • One group of students realizes they shouldn’t use marble, because based off the packing score criteria, it would be too heavy. (0:56)
  • One group of students refers to their notes on the hardness and durability test they performed in lesson 3 to determine that wax was not the best material for their design challenge, and ultimately decides on using alabaster. (1:02)

In what ways, and in what parts of the lesson, does Karissa reinforce the idea that engineering involves a process of unique steps?

Karissa names each step of the Engineering Design Process as students work.

  • Karissa explicitly calls out the imagine step (0:22), the plan step (0:38), the create step (2:27), and the improve step (4:30) of the EDP by name and tells students what is expected of them in each step.
  • Karissa reminds one group to have flexibility in their initial design, because they can always change it when they improve. (4:12)