Lesson 3

A Stick in the Mud: Evaluating a Landscape

Selecting a Site (1) / Grade 3 / Louisville, KY

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - A Stick in the Mud: Evaluating a Landscape, L3 Part 1

Students use maps to study the erosion along a riverbank over time and conduct controlled experiments to determine how soil compaction around a foundation affects the foundation’s strength.

Reflection Questions

What strategies do you see Laura using to make sure all students are engaged during group discussion?

Laura has students use movements to indicate their responses to questions, and she has students ask questions of their peers. 

  • Instead of having students raise their hands to indicate their answer choice of straight or wavy, Laura has them use their arms to act out their answers. (4:05)
  • Laura has other students ask questions of peers, which gives them motivation to listen to what others are saying and promotes a culture of discussion within the class. (6:15/7:05)