Lesson 2

No Bones About It: Designing Knee Braces

Stepping into Biomedical Engineering / Grade 5 / Boston, MA

The EIE Curriculum

EIE - No Bones About it: Designing Knee Braces Lesson 2

Students think like biomedical engineers as they analyze their foot arch heights and those of their classmates in order to make recommendations to a sneaker company.

Reflection Questions

Where do you see examples of this lesson serving to reinforce literacy skills?

Kathy integrates selective highlighting and letter writing into this lesson.

  • Because the lesson is introduced as a request from the Fast Feet Company, Kathy has the opportunity to familiarize students with the style and format of a written memo. (0:28)
  • When reading the memo from the Fast Feet Company, students are instructed to highlight information that is important and that stands out. (1:03)
  • At the end of the lesson, Kathy has students write up their findings in the form of a business letter. (8:19)

What does Kathy do to scaffold the process of analyzing the footprint data?

Kathy uses a step-wise approach to data analysis. Students start with simple observations of their own footprints, and eventually end up considering large sets of data.

  • The analysis starts when Kathy asks her students to record two things they notice about the shape of their own footprints. (4:44)
  • The next day, Kathy has students look at all three footprints in their group. She has each group put these footprints in order from highest to lowest arch. (5:26)
  • Next, students sort all 24 footprints into three categories: high, medium, and low arch. (6:08)
  • Finally, Kathy has students refine their analysis by ordering the footprints in each category from lowest to highest arch (6:49).