Engineering Adventures Design Principles

Flexible, engaging, easy to implement

Designed with Out-of-School Time in Mind

Engineering Adventures is designed to offer exciting out-of-school time activities that engage 3rd–5th grade learners in the engineering design process. Each EA curriculum unit includes activities and materials uniquely appropriate for the varied landscapes of out-of-school-time settings.

Designed to Build Confidence

Our goal is to make a positive impact on children’s attitudes—to help kids feel confident about their ability to engineer, and to help kids see themselves as engineers.  

We believe kids will best learn engineering when they:Kids will learn that:
engage in activities that are fun, exciting, and connect to the world in which they live.they can use the Engineering Design Process to help solve problems.
choose their path through open-ended challenges that have multiple solutions.engineers design technologies to help people and solve problems.
have the opportunity to succeed in engineering challenges.they have talent and potential for designing and improving technologies.
communicate and collaborate in innovative, active, problem solving.they, too, can be engineers.