What educators are saying about Engineering Adventures

“We are having a great time . . . . Lots of excitement, collaboration and enthusiasm . . . . [When] I see the students around during bus duty and in the halls, they  . . .  tell me they can't wait till the afterschool session. They have some really great racers and ideas. What great thinkers!!!”

Carla Petruzzi, CT

“Thanks for the Engineering Opportunity. I truly enjoy your curriculum and plan to use all of it this coming fall. My third graders said the last week of school, ‘Good, now we are fourth graders and can join the afterschool STEM club!’ The word ‘STEM’ fires them up.”  

Denise Touchberry, FL

“A mother of two campers told us this story: It was the evening after camp ended. Her son (a second grader), daughter (a first grader), and their friend—all of them campers at Use Your Noodle—were playing in the sprinkler at her house, with the stipulation that the sprinkler also water the garden. There they played as the garden became increasingly muddy. The next time the parent went outside, the trio had dug irrigation canals and flipped the sprinkler upside down to fill the canals and water long rows of corn. . . . they were clearly acting as problem-solving engineers post-camp. They later told their counselor, ‘We were engineers without you!’"

J. P. Perry, WV


“On the very last day, at literally the very last minute, two boys who had been working so hard [on their 'Recycled Racers'] finally had a car that rolled. We were just about to leave, they asked for one last test, and it worked. Everyone cheered, arms were thrown up in triumph. It was great!”

Deb Fidrocki, MA


“Kids talked openly about what needed to be improved [on their “Recycled Racers”] and took criticisms and instruction well. It was great to see them interact this way. One student was very enthusiastic—he wasn’t working on his racer but going around ‘sharing great ideas’! Ha!”

Barbara Joslin, MA


“I have been doing  . . . Engineering is Elementary with my students for five years, so it is a WONDERFUL surprise to find new things to do with my kids. We will definitely try  . . .  the [Engineering Design Process] song . . . what a great way to go from STEM to STEAM!! Thanks so much.”

Amy Banks, MA