EiE Staff Directory

EiE Leadership

Christine Cunningham, Founder and Director

EiE Curriculum Development Team

Natacha Meyer, Curriculum Program Manager

Owen Berliner, Curriculum Project Manager

Katy Laguzza, Curriculum Project Manager

Marisa Garcia, Senior Curriculum Developer

Bekka Nolan, Curriculum Developer

Kate Sokol, Curriculum Developer

Mary Eileen McDonnell, Curriculum Developer

Katherine Katzer, Curriculum Coordinator

EiE Research and Evaluation Team

Cathy Lachapelle, Research Program Manager

Chris San Antonio-Tunis, Research and Evaluation Project Manager

Christine Gentry, Research and Evaluation Coordinator

EiE Professional Development Team


Chantal Balesdent, Professional Development Program Manager

Nia Keith, Senior Professional Development Provider

Karen Saur, Senior Professional Development Provider

Elissa Jordan, Senior Professional Development Provider

Katy Hutchinson, Professional Development Provider

Marlene Guay, Professional Development Provider

Mary Dzaugis, Professional Development Provider

Matthew Nelson, Professional Development Coordinator

EiE Multimedia Team

Richard Sutton, Multimedia Developer

Alex Hennessy, Multimedia Developer

EiE Communications & Operations Team

Amielle Major, Sr. Writing & Communication Team Lead

Annie Whitehouse, Communications Writer

Hannah Erb, Communications Coordinator

Corey Niemann, Creative Operations and Technical Project Coordinator

Jack Payette, Systems Coordinator 

Sales and Store


Merrick Teti, Lead Operations Coordinator

Sean McLaughlin, Store Operations Coordinator

Kaitlyn Asquith, Customer Relations Representative

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