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The EiE Project offers hands-on, project-based engineering activities for school and out-of-school time

Engineering is Elementary

Classroom Curriculum for Grades 15
20 units
Each unit includes 8-11 hours of classroom instruction

For elementary classrooms. Our award-winning, cross-disciplinary curriculum integrates engineering with the science topics you already teach. Fun, engaging engineering challenges boost student interest in engineering. Standards-based, research-based, and teacher-tested!

Curriculum Components:

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Take a moment to watch our Getting Started video series for an introduction to the Engineering is Elementary curriculum.

Engineering Adventures

Afterschool Curriculum for Grades 35
Ten units
6-10 hours of programming per unit

For afterschool and camp programs. Meet Jacob and India, two globe-trotting teens who take your kids on exciting, real-world engineering adventures. Flexible activities are perfect for out-of-school time. Choose from ten units filled with hands-on activities.

Curriculum Components:

Engineering Everywhere

Afterschool Curriculum for Grades 6–8
Twelve units
6-10 hours of programming per unit

For afterschool and camp programs. Middle-school-aged youth will engineer a better world with the real-life engineering design challenges in Engineering Everywhere. Exciting activities boost problem-solving skills and critical thinking. Adaptable for a variety of program settings.

Wee Engineer

Preschool and Pre-K Engineering Curriculum
Four challenges

For preschool classrooms. Wee Engineer is a research-based and child-tested engineering curriculum for children aged 3-5. These age-appropriate challenges were designed by our award-winning EiE curriculum team to harness children's natural curiosity and encourage them to identify and solve problems.

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EiE for Kindergarten

Kindergarten Engineering Curriculum
Two units

For elementary kindergarten classrooms. EiE for Kindergarten is a research-based and classroom-tested curriculum for students ages 5-6. Designed by our award-winning EiE curriculum team, each EiE-K unit builds children's confidence and interest in STEM, helps you meet NGSS standards, and provides fun opportunities for hands-on, collaborative work.

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