EiE Director Gets Lifetime Achievement Award


EiE director Christine Cunningham (r) accepts the award from Stacy Klein-Gardner
Wednesday, June 24, 2015

At the annual conference of the American Society for Engineering Education (ASEE) this month in Seattle, EiE director Christine Cunningham was recognized by the organization’s K – 12 and Pre-College Division with an award for lifetime achievement.

“This was quite an honor . . . and quite a surprise,” says Cunningham. Lifetime achievement awards often go to educators who are approaching retirement age; Cunningham is not yet 50.

Stacy Klein-Gardner, immediate past chair of the K-12 and Pre-College Engineering division, presented the award. “We honored Christine for all of the work that she has done to date,” Klein-Gardner said, “She has accomplished so much, and the division was eager to honor that. “But we told her, ‘Don’t stop now!  We expect you to keep working in engineering education.”

This is the second time ASEE has recognized Cunningham; at the 2014 ASEE conference, she was named an ASEE Fellow, a recognition is conferred by the Board of Directors upon ASEE members with “extraordinary qualifications and experience in engineering education.”

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