EiE Curriculum Components

To teach an EiE unit, you’ll need three components: Teacher Guide, Storybook, and Materials Kit.           

EiE Teacher Guides

Your thoughtfully designed Teacher Guide helps you teach with confidence. Each guide includes the following resources:

  • detailed lesson plans
  • useful tips for lesson prep and materials management
  • background content (engineering, science, AND social studies)
  • learning goals
  • unit specific vocabulary list
  • classroom-tested duplication masters AND student planning worksheets
  • data-collection worksheets AND reflection worksheets
  • research-tested assessment sheets to evaluate student progress.

EiE Storybooks

Each EiE unit starts with an engaging storybook about a child who solves a real-world problem through engineering. EiE storybooks integrate literacy and social studies with your engineering and science lessons—and help students understand how STEM subjects are relevant to their lives. 

Your Teacher Guide includes a storybook you can read to your class. The EiE Store also offers single books and class sets, so each child can read the story.

EiE Materials Kits

To tackle the engineering activities in each EiE unit, your students will need some materials! You can put together your own Materials Kit—just use the list included in your Teacher Guide. The EiE Store also offers convenient unit-specific Materials Kits with supplies for 30 students.

We know you’ll teach your EiE unit more than once! We also offer economical Materials Kit Refills, containing only the consumable supplies.


FREE Online Resources for Teachers

EiE’s expert curriculum developers have created a variety of free online resources that help you implement EiE with ease.

  • How-to Videos—practical prep tips for each EiE lesson
  • Classroom Videos—watch experienced teachers facilitate each lesson in a real classroom!
  • Extension Lessons—created by teachers to link EiE with other classroom subjects
  • Graphics—posters and presentations