EiE Lesson Plan Structure

Four hands-on lessons, one exciting unit!

Each EiE unit focuses on a different field of engineering, but they’re all organized the same way—with one “Preparatory Lesson” and four “Unit Lessons.”

  • Lesson 1. An Engineering Story 
  • Lesson 2. A Broader View of an Engineering Field
  • Lesson 3. How Scientific Data Informs Engineering
  • Lesson 4. The Engineering Design Challenge

Preparatory Lesson

Classroom time: One session, about 20-30 minutes total

Many young students hold misconceptions about technology. This short activity prompts students to think about engineering, technology, and the Engineering Design Process.

Lesson 1: Engineering Story 

Classroom time: Two to three sessions, about 40 minutes per session

An illustrated storybook introduces an engineering design challenge while reinforcing literacy skills. Questions are included so you can encourage students to reflect upon the story and its engineering components.

Lesson 2: A Broader View of an Engineering Field

Classroom time:  One to two sessions, about 40-60 minutes total

 Through hands-on activities, your students learn what engineers do and what kinds of technologies they produce.

Lesson 3: How Scientific Data Informs Engineering

Classroom time: One to two sessions, about 40 minutes total

Students collect and analyze the scientific data they’ll need to inform their designs in Lesson 4.

Lesson 4: Engineering Design Challenge

Classroom time: One to three sessions, about 50 minutes per session

It’s all been building up to this exciting design challenge! Your students will use the Engineering Design Process to design, create, and improve their own solutions to an engineering problem.