EiE Workshop FAQs

Have other questions? We are happy to help! Please contact us at eie@mos.org or 617-589-4260.

Can I host an EiE workshop at my school/district?

Of course! Please fill out our Workshop Interest Form and someone from the EiE PD team will be in touch with you to discuss details. EiE workshops at your school/district are facilitated by EiE staff or by a member of our Extended Network of EiE PD Providers.

How much does an EiE workshop at my school/district cost?

Click here for EiE PD pricing.

What does an EiE PD workshop at my school/district include?

At your on-site EiE PD workshop, an EiE facilitator will provide up to 7 hours of instruction (not including breaks or lunch) for up to 25 participants. The workshop fee includes all materials used during the workshop and Teacher Guides for each participant.

What is the maximum number of participants for an EiE workshop?

EiE workshops are capped at 25 participants per facilitator.

What happens during a typical one-day EiE PD workshop at a school/district? What’s on the agenda?

The workshop begins with two hands-on activities that introduce participants to the concepts of engineering and technology. Participants then engage in all four lessons from one EiE unit, going through the activities from the perspective of students/learners and then reflecting on the implementation of each lesson in the elementary classroom. The workshop concludes with an overview of the EiE Teacher Guide and our collection of free online resources for teachers.

Of course, we are happy to customize the workshop to meet the needs and goals of your particular school or district.

Sample agenda

If I am hosting an EiE workshop at my school/district, do I need to purchase the materials used during the workshop?

Teacher Guides for each participant are included in the cost. Materials used DURING the workshop are included in the cost, but Materials Kits for classroom use may be purchased separately from the EiE Store.

If I am hosting an EiE workshop at my school/district, will Teacher Guides and Materials Kits be provided for each participating teacher?

Materials used DURING the workshop are included in the cost. Teacher Guides and Materials Kits for classroom use may be purchased separately from the EiE Store.

Which unit should we choose for our EiE workshop held at a school/district?

That depends on two factors – what grade(s) the participants teach and what science topics are covered in those grades. Please contact the EiE PD team (eie@mos.org; 617-589-4260) and we’ll help you select the EiE unit that’s best for your teachers.

How long is a typical EiE workshop at a school/district?

We recommend allowing at least 6 hours for the EiE workshop.

Can you do a multi-day workshop?

Yes! We can facilitate a series of one-day workshops that serve a different group of teachers each day, or we can facilitate an in-depth two- or three-day workshop for a single group of teachers. Contact us for more information (EiEPD@mos.org; 617-589-4260).

How far in advance should I book an EiE workshop for my school/district?

We recommend booking your EiE workshop as far in advance as possible (at least three months is ideal). To confirm your EiE workshop, complete and return the signed workshop contract and logistics form (which we’ll send you after we receive your Workshop Interest Form).

EiE also has an Extended Network of PD Providers across the United States. Depending on your location and preferred workshop date(s), we may recommend that a member of our Extended Network facilitate your workshop.

How do I pay for the EiE workshop held at my school/district?

After the workshop, EiE will send you an invoice for the workshop fee. We accept payment by check; please follow the instructions on the invoice.

I would like teachers in multiple grades to attend a workshop. Can you cover multiple EiE units in a one-day workshop?

Unfortunately, there isn’t time during a one-day workshop to cover more than one EiE unit in depth. We can, however, build time into the workshop for teachers to peruse the Teacher Guides and materials for additional EiE units. Keep in mind that all EiE units follow the same four-lesson structure, so experiencing one EiE unit in-depth gives educators a strong foundation for whichever EiE unit they will use in their classrooms.

I only have three teachers to train; will you still do a workshop at my school/district? What are some other options for training my teachers?

If only a few teachers need training, we strongly recommend sending them to an EiE PD workshop held at the Museum of Science, Boston. This will be more cost-effective for your organization, and also benefits the teachers, who get the chance to share ideas with a diverse group of educators from around the country.

EiE PD Workshop Schedule

What types of EiE workshops do you offer at the Museum of Science, Boston?

EiE offers several types of workshops at the Museum of Science, Boston.

All three of these workshops are also available on-site at your location. 

Choose the right workshop.

What's the difference between an EiE "Teacher Educator Institute" and an "Everyone Engineers" workshop?

EiE Teacher Educator Institutes train educators to facilitate EiE workshops for teachers in their home schools/districts/states—they are “train the trainer” workshops. “Everyone Engineers” workshops prepare classroom teachers to implement the EiE curriculum with their elementary school students.

How do I register for EiE workshops held at the Museum of Science, Boston?

Visit our "EiE Workshops" page, find the workshop you'd like to attend and click "register."

Do you offer any discounts on EiE PD workshops?

We currently do not offer any discounts on EiE PD workshops. However, thanks to generous support from the Raytheon Corporation, we do have a teacher scholarship program.

Where should I stay while attending an EiE workshop at the Museum of Science, Boston? Do you offer discounts on hotels?

View hotel options close to the Museum of Science, Boston. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer discounts at local hotels.

Do you offer PD for afterschool educators?

The EiE project has a free, downloadable PD curriculum for out-of-school-time (OST) programs. We also offer professional development workshops for OST educators at the Museum of Science, Boston.

Where can I find a list of all 20 EiE units?

Do you offer online classes or workshops?

Our online PD offerings include webinars, EiEXchange sessions, and EiE FollowUps. Click here to learn about our offerings and view an EiE webinar.

I would like to implement all 20 EiE units in my school. Is this a good idea?

Choosing the right EiE unit(s) for each grade in your school depends on what science topics are taught in those grades. We’re happy to discuss a rollout plan for your school! Feel free to contact us at EiE@mos.org or 617-589-0230.