How to Use the EiE Curriculum

Flexible, cross-curricular, standards-based

Use the EiE Curriculum in your school or classroom to meet these goals:

  • Integrate engineering with the science you already teach
  • Integrate engineering with other subjects like ELA and social studies 
  • Reach students of all abilities
  • Meet standards across many disciplines

Integrating EiE with Science

Each EiE unit is designed to integrate with a science topic that’s commonly taught in elementary school. Plan to teach your EiE unit along with (or soon after) the science topic you’ll be teaching. Your students will apply their science knowledge as they complete the engineering design challenges.

Meeting State and National Standards 

Use these links to explore how EiE units map to national and state standards for science, engineering, and technology:

Integrating EiE with Other Subject Areas

EiE integrates with much more than science instruction! Use EiE to support lessons in English Language Arts, Social Studies, and Mathematics.

Literacy: Each EiE unit starts with a storybook—and the storybook includes resources that help you integrate literacy with your EiE teaching, including comprehension questions, vocabulary handouts, and ideas for how students can practice their writing skills.

Social Studies: Each EiE storybook is set in a different country around the world; the child protagonists in the storybooks come from varied backgrounds and/or have different abilities. So, as the storybooks set the scene for the engineering design challenge, they also make connections to geography and culture, with supporting resources like glossaries and maps.

Mathematics: As your students collect data and work through their engineering design challenge, they use math skills and concepts. Check our online resources page for extension lessons that help you connect each EiE unit to the Common Core Mathematics Standards.

Flexible Lessons

Adjustable for Elementary Grades: Each EiE unit is designed either for Basic students (grades 12) or Advanced students (grades 35). But every EiE unit is flexible and can be adapted for use in upper or lower elementary grades, or for students of different abilities. Check the lesson plans in your Teacher Guide—each one includes modifications to make the lessons appropriate for your students.

Use Them in Any Order: You can use EiE units in any order—they don’t follow a particular sequence or build on each other. Choose whichever EiE unit or units integrate with the science topic(s) your students will learn.

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