Lesson 2

Marvelous Machines: Making Work Easier

Assembly Lines / Grade 5 / Wilmington, NC

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Marvelous Machines: Making Work Easier, L2

Students think like industrial engineers as they compare the advantages and disadvantages of making a product independently with making a product in an assembly line. 

Reflection Questions

What strategies do you see Ann using to make sure all of her students understand her directions and know her expectations?

Ann reviews all directions with her students, showing them the materials they will use. Then, she asks questions about what she's just said to check for understanding.

  • Ann helps students review the directions for folder making by having them read each step out loud. (0:40)
  • Ann holds up construction paper and a ruler so that everyone can identify the items they will be using. (1:25)
  • Ann quizzes her students about how they will attach the pencil pocket and they all say, "Tape." (2:46)

Why do you think that Ann's initial results do not show much of a difference in the number of folders made independently versus by assembly line? How does she adjust her findings to be more reasonable?

Ann gave slightly different instructions for the assembly line task than she did for the individual work. When reflecting with kids, Ann realizes this and explains the difference to students.

  • After 10 minutes of working independently, she tells students to finish any folder they may have started. (5:10)
  • Ann tallies the total number of folders made independently and by the assembly line, realizing that the numbers are not very different. (9:27)
  •  Ann explains that if she had let each assembly line finish every folder they had started within the 10 minute time period, there would have been 15 more folders produced. She adds those to the total so that the results are more appropriate. (10:32)