Lesson 2

Just Passing Through: Designing Model Membranes

Biology Meets Technology / Grade 5 / Jersey City, NJ

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Just Passing Through: Designing Model Membranes, L2

Students think like bioengineers as they match natural objects with technologies that have similar functions. 

Reflection Questions

What evidence do you see that Marlene's students are developing their abilities to make connections based on function?

Although the idea of matching items by function is difficult for some of her students at first, Marlene is able to deepen their understanding by visiting the students as they work in small groups, asking questions, and sharing examples. 

  • One student connects the rake with the waxy leaves because you use a rake to gather leaves. Marilyn helps students realize that the function of the rake is more similar to the paw. (4:20)
  • When Marlene asks one group why they have connected the fish and boat, one student replies that it is because "you catch fish from a boat", which indicates some confusion about matching cards based on function. (6:06)
  • Students are clearly using function to make matches when they declare, "This (burr) sticks to people and this (Velcro) sticks." (7:08)
  • Students accurately fill out the class chart of matches based on function. (9:04)

What evidence do you see that Marlene's students are still grappling with the distinction between natural objects and technologies?

The early matches that some students make indicate confusion between technologies and natural objects, but student discussion prompts further understanding. 

  • Students make a match that includes two technologies. One student recognizes this and they put the cards back. (3:05)
  • Marlene interacts with a group that has matched two technologies together, but one student identifies them both as natural items. (5:20)
  • A student points to the hand pollinator card saying, "That's not a technology, that's natural." Her classmate disagrees and she changes her mind. (6:48)
  • One student lists the fish as a technology and the boat as a natural object. Marlene takes this opportunity to reinforce the distinction. (9:43)