Lesson 2

Taking the Plunge: Designing Submersibles

Into the Deep / Grade 5 / Lawrence, MA

The EIE Curriculum

EiE- Taking the Plunge: Designing Submersibles Lesson 2

Students think like ocean engineers as they use sounding technologies to generate data about a model of the ocean floor.

Reflection Questions

How does George use this lesson to reinforce/model the collaborative nature of engineering work?

George takes every opportunity to reinforce the idea that engineers work together to solve problems.

  • George highlights that fact that in the storybook, Despina and Chrisanthy are “teaming up” and “partnering” to design a device that will retrieve the goggles. (1:07)
  • As George reviews the learning goals for today’s lesson, he includes an understanding that “ocean exploration requires collaboration.” (1:26)
  • In the Sound Pole activity, George has each group test and collect data for one row of coordinates on the grid. Then groups compile all their data to create a complete profile of the ocean floor. (3:14–4:23)

What are the steps that students go through to create their visualization of the ocean floor?

George has his students display the sounding pole data in different ways so that they can better visualize what the data shows.

  • First, the students test each location with the sounding pole and indicate its depth with the corresponding color-coded number. (4:07)
  • Then, they compile the data from all the rows to create the complete profile. (4:50)
  • Next, they translate the numbers in each row into bars on a graph, which provides a more pictorial representation of the objects that are under the water. (6:07)