Lesson 4
Part 2

Just Passing Through: Designing Model Membranes

Designing a Model Membrane (2) / Grade 5 / Jersey City, NJ

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Just Passing Through: Designing Model Membranes, L4 Part 2

Students focus on the bioengineering problem of meeting the basic needs of an organism as they imagine, plan, create, test, and improve their own model membrane. 

Reflection Questions

How does Marlene guide students to reflect on the steps of the EDP that they've used?

During the Reflection portion of the lesson, Marlene has students share ideas about how they used the steps of the EDP, first within small groups and then with the class. 

  • Marlene has students talk to those in their groups about which EDP steps they found most useful. (6:10)
  • Marlene gives students time to discuss the steps of the EDP and finally has all groups share with the whole class. (7:08)

What strategies does Marlene use to encourage students to fully explain their ideas?

Marlene often follows up student questions with "Why?" This encourages students to explain their reasoning.

  • Marlene reminds students she wants them to explain why they felt their design worked well or did not work well. As one of the groups begins to share out, Marlene follows up on many of the students' comments and descriptions with "why?" (2:30)