Lesson 4

A Sticky Situation: Designing Walls

Designing a Wall / Grade 4 / Kittery, ME

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - A Sticky Situation: Designing Walls - Lesson 4

Reflection Questions

How does Blayne encourage her students to think deeply about the Engineering Design Process?

Blayne pauses at different points throughout Lesson 4 to ask thoughtful questions and gives her students time to reflect on their experience.

  • Blayne takes the time to review the Ask step with her students before moving on to the Imagine step. (00:19)
  • Blayne has students reflect on the difficulty level of the Create step. (5:08)
  • Blayne asks her students what part of the Engineering Design Process they found the most challenging. (11:01)

Where do you see Blayne encouraging her students to persist and learn from failure?

Blayne has her students reflect on their designs and encourages them to think about how they improved.

  • Blayne discusses how engineers test to the point of failure. (6:49)
  • Blayne asks her students to observe how their wall fell apart and what they’d do to improve it. (7:37)
  • Blayne reflects with one group about how they improved their design and recognizes their improvements after they test the wall. (9:48-10:32)