Lesson 3
Part 2

Thinking Inside the Box: Designing Plant Packages

Evaluating Needs and Creating Criteria (2) / Grade 3 / Louisville, KY

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Thinking Inside the Box: Designing Plant Packages, L3 P2

Students determine the needs of the plant and the consumer for which they are designing their plant packages.

Reflection Questions

Erin mentions in her interview that she always bases her teaching on “what she is getting from the kids”. Where do you see her accommodating and acknowledging the novel ideas of kids in her class?

Erin is non-judgmental in her interactions with students, and rarely corrects them. Instead, she listens attentively and meets children where they are.

  • When her students say that they could not fit a plant into the soda bottle, Erin disagrees. When they add that they would “have to cut it” she acknowledges their solution by responding, “Okay. Fair enough.” (3:00)
  • When Erin asks if the bottle will protect the plant, some students say no because the plant might flop around if you dropped it. Erin asks for ideas about how to secure the plant and then adapts her question. "If we could secure the plant, would the bottle protect it?” (4:25)

What strategies do you notice Erin using to facilitate smooth handling of materials?

Erin has put time into preparing materials and establishing norms for how materials should be handled.

  • Erin has placed all the materials available for each group in a plastic bin for organization and easy distribution. (1:08)
  • To keep students from grabbing materials, Erin has designated a ‘team captain’ who is responsible for taking items in and out of the bin. (6:08)