Lesson 3
Part 2

Just Passing Through: Designing Model Membranes

Exploring Membranes (2) / Grade 4 / Fall River, MA

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Just Passing Through: Designing Model Membranes, L3 Part 2

Students explore properties of natural membranes and test the performance of several model membrane materials.

Reflection Questions

Groups get very different results when testing some of the materials, particularly the various aluminum foils. How do you see Jean address these discrepant results?

Jean has groups with different results compare the way they set up their materials.

  • Jean has the class compare how two groups placed their foil in the testing container, guiding them to the idea that this may have an effect on the results. (7:15)
  • After testing the foil with one hole, a group reports collecting much more water than most other groups. Jean asks them to comment on this and students suggest they may have made their hole larger than some of the other groups. (9:45)
  • When conducting the wrap-up for the experiment, Jean guides students to refer back to their data in order to comment on how well the aluminum foil with one hole might work. She again reminds them that the results depend on how you make the hole. (13:15)

How does Jean create a foundation for Lesson 4 at the end of this lesson?

At the end of the lesson Jean has groups spend some time thinking about which materials they think might work best for the model membrane designs.

  • Jean refers students the Engineering Design Process poster, saying they’re about to begin the Imagine step, and has them comment on the value of the Ask step. (17:00)