Lesson 3
Part 2

Just Passing Through: Designing Model Membranes

Exploring Membranes (2) / Grade 5 / Jersey City, NJ

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Just Passing Through: Designing Model Membranes, L3 Part 2

Students explore properties of natural membranes and test the performance of several model membrane materials.

Reflection Questions

What strategies do you see Marlene using when she introduces new terms?

When possible, Marlene tries to make connections between new terms and objects or events students may be familiar with from their own lives. 

  • Marlene shows students the materials they'll be testing and relates some materials to things they might be familiar with—saying cheesecloth looks like gauze you might get at the nurse's office. (2:27)
  • Marlene again makes a connection to gauze, suggesting they might know it from the dentist's office and that Ms. Ortiz used it for Halloween when she was dressed as a mummy. (10:50)

How does Marlene help students summarize information they gathered so they are prepared to use this information during the design challenge?

Marlene first reminds students of the goal of their design challenge, and then gives students time to talk as a class and in small groups about the materials they think would be best to use in their designs. She then has them mark these materials on their worksheet to help them keep track of ideas. 

  • During the group share out, she reminds students of their goal and asks kids to comment on the best and worst materials. (14:30)
  • At the end of the lesson, Marlene has students star the materials they think would be best for their design, preparing them to begin the Imagine step in Lesson 4. (16:00)