Lesson 2

A Work In Process: Improving Play a Dough Process

Get the Creative Juices Flowing / Grade 5 / Chicopee, MA

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - A Work in Process: Improving a Play Dough Process, L2

Students think like chemical engineers as they perform product research related to a new juice being created by the Creative Juices Company.

Reflection Questions

Where do you see Grace eliciting prior knowledge to help make her students' learning meaningful?

Grace asks her students to think about what their favorite juices are and why, share what they know about color mixing, and think about what type of letter would be best for the writing to the president of Creative Juices, Co.

  • Grace’s students reflect on the juices they buy at home and why they prefer certain kinds. (0:50)
  • Grace asks a student to use background knowledge of color mixing to share what happens when red and blue are combined. (4:21)
  • Grace asks students about what they learned in fourth grade when choosing a letter format (business or friendly) for their recommendation to the juice company. (9:36)

This unit provides opportunities for students to practice their math skills. Where in the video do you see Grace highlighting connections to math?

Grace discusses tallying, proportions and ratios, and bar graphs.

  • Grace presents survey-taking (3:45) and tally charts as ways to keep track of consumers’ juice preferences. (7:23)
  • When mixing drops of food coloring, Grace points out that the proportions of color and water are important (5:42) and reminds students that they are using math rations when they mix colors. (6:05)
  • Grace discusses how to make the tally data meaningful and useful by communicating it to the juice company as a bar graph. (8:22)