Lesson 4
Part 2

Marvelous Machines: Making Work Easier

Improving a Factory Subsystem (2) / Grade 5 / Andover, MA

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Marvelous Machines: Making Work Easier, L4 Part 2

Students apply their knowledge of simple machines and industrial engineering as they imagine, plan, create, test, and improve their own factory subsystems. 

Reflection Questions

Toward the end of the lesson, what does Tim do to help his students stay in “engineer mode” and remind them of the context of the original challenge?

Tim takes several opportunities to remind his students that they are involved in a real-life engineering challenge.

  • When Tim has students return to their science seats, he explains that they will “do their closing paperwork as engineers would do.” (7:55)
  • When writing their letter to the factory president, Tim has his students add the title “Industrial Engineer” to their names. (8:08)

What do you notice about Tim’s students experience with working in groups?

It appears as though Tim’s students have spent a lot of time working in groups and have established clear norms and expectations for group work.

  • One student clearly identifies and assigns roles or specific jobs for group members. (0:45)
  • Although the room is filled with interesting materials, Tim’s students stay on task and work together to achieve goals (0:37, 0:51 and 1:00). Students can be heard encouraging each other, building on each other’s ideas, and sharing information. (“good job” at 1:06, “that’s what I was thinking” at 0:50, and “it’s called duct tape” at 0:34)