Lesson 1

To Get to the Other Side: Designing Bridges

Javier Builds a Bridge / Grade 2 / Derry, NH

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - To Get to the Other Side: Designing Bridges, L1

A storybook introduces the engineering challenge and context. In this story, Javier, a boy from Texas, learns about civil engineering as he designs his own bridge.

Reflection Questions

Steve has his students watch a “Show Me” tutorial and fill out a Frayer Model to learn vocabulary. What are some advantages of introducing vocabulary using this technique?

By assigning a few words to each group and having them listen to a tutorial at their own pace, Steve is able to become a facilitator of learning, rather than a direct instructor.

  • Having students work in small independent groups actively involves them in their own learning. They practice skills like collaborating and staying on task. (1:49)
  • The Frayer Model encourages students to express their ideas in both writing and pictures. (1:30 and 2:37)
  • Interacting with the netbooks allows students to use technology to learn at their own pace, since they can pause, rewind, and replay Steve’s tutorial. (1:33)
  • The jigsaw technique allows individual students to become experts in a few of the vocabulary words and share their knowledge with others. (2:22)

When teaching the storybook, how does Steve reinforce the reading comprehension standards of the Common Core?

Steve has the students read the text themselves even though they are quite young. He uses several strategies to help them with comprehension.

  • Steve reminds his students to “close read” with a specific purposes in mind. (3:05)
  • Steve encourages his students make predictions about characters in the story when he asks, “What do you think Javier is going to do now?” (3:35)
  • Steve helps students make connections by asking about bridges they have crossed over in their own lives. (4:15)