Lesson 2

A Sticky Situation: Designing Walls

Materials and Their Uses / Grade 2 / Hollywood, FL

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - A Sticky Situation: Designing Walls - Lesson 2

Students think like materials engineers as they discuss whether a variety of materials would be good or poor choices for accomplishing given tasks.

Reflection Questions

How does Chentel encourage and validate her students’ contributions to class discussion?

Chentel thanks her students for their ideas, comments on how interesting they are, and pushes them further by asking lots of “why” questions.

  • Chentel exclaims, “Wow, interesting! Thank you!” after Kaitlin theorizes that some materials used for T-shirts might break the washing machine. (2:02)
  • After one students says she thinks that straw would start out warm, but wouldn’t stay that way, Chentel inquires, “And why do you feel that way?” (4:16)
  • After Joel shares his idea for sewing straw into a blanket or a house, Chentel asks, “Isn’t that interesting?” (4:39)

How does Chentel reinforce the idea that there are good and poor uses for every material?

Chentel challenges her students to imagine a T-shirt made from different materials, think of ways straw could be used to keep warm, and agree on the best material choice for very particular tasks.

  • Chentel asks, “What if this t-shirt were made from glass? Tell me about that.” (2:12)
  • When two students offer different perspectives on whether straw would be a good material for keeping warm, Chentel challenges her students to weigh both the good and the poor qualities of straw. (4:00–5:00)
  • Chentel records all the different materials that could be used for keeping warm or for carrying eggs, but eventually has her class agree on one that they think is best. (7:02)