Lesson 2

A Sticky Situation: Designing Walls

Materials and Their Uses / Grade 4 / Kittery, ME

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - A Sticky Situation: Designing Walls - Lesson 2

Reflection Questions

How does Blayne elicit students’ prior knowledge to prepare them for Lesson 2?

Blayne begins the lesson with a review of Lesson 1. Her students review key vocabulary and concepts before beginning the day’s activities.

  • Blayne asks students what an engineer is and how they would define the term “engineer.” (0:29)
  • Blayne ties in the storybook by discussing how Yi Min’s grandfather worked with mortar, and how he was an engineer. (1:24)
  • Blayne uses a T-shirt to help her students understand materials and how to define their properties. (3:28)

How does Blayne help her students understand how properties of certain materials may be useful depending on the situation?

Blayne frequently reminds her students that the usefulness of materials is not black and white. The same problem can be solved in many ways using different materials.

  • Blayne has her students talk about making a shirt out of paper and out of glass to highlight differences between materials for the same product. (4:08)
  • Blayne discusses the strengths and weaknesses of four materials to help keep warm. (6:26)
  • Blayne summarizes the class discussion about cleaning the floor and sitting with the idea that different materials could be better or worse choices depending on the circumstance. (9:00)