Lesson 1

Thinking Inside the Box: Designing Plant Packages

Plant Package Storybook / Grade 4 / Winthrop, MA

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Thinking Inside the Box: Designing Plant Packages, L1

A storybook introduces the engineering challenge and context. In this story, Fadil, a boy from Jordan, learns about package engineering as he designs his own plant package.

Reflection Questions

How does Rosemary use the overhead projector as a communication tool?

Rosemary uses the overhead to share illustrations, provide opportunities for reading along, and to make group work visible to the whole class. 

  • At the beginning of the lesson, the cover of the book displayed on the white board as Rosemary introduces the lesson. (0:20)
  • Because Rosemary has photocopied each page from the book and displays them on the overhead, her students can see illustrations and read along with her. (2:30)
  • By filling out one large package worksheet on the board, Rosemary is providing opportunities for groups to contribute ideas and to assess their answers. (7:00) 

What kinds of questions does Rosemary ask to help get her students thinking deeply about parts of the perfume package?

Using the worksheet as a guide, Rosemary asks questions about how the perfume is packaged, the function of the package, and why that function is important. 

  • Rosemary starts by asking how the perfume was packaged, and asks what the two parts were (the bottle and the box). (7:49)
  • She then asks what the two parts are made of and what their functions are (bottle holds the perfume, box protects the bottle). (8:20)
  • Finally, Rosemary asks what other function the cardboard box serves (decorative). (9:03)