Lesson 4

Sounds Like Fun: Seeing Animal Sounds

Representing Bird Sounds / Grade 3 / Naples, FL

The EIE Curriculum

EiE- Sounds Like Fun: Seeing Animal Sounds Lesson 4

Students focus on the acoustical engineering problem of representing sounds as they imagine, plan, create, test, and improve their own representations of bird calls.

Reflection Questions

How does Susan help her students think about representing something as abstract as sound?

Susan emphasizes the importance of carefully listening and imagining the components of each birdcall. 

  • Susan reiterates how students should imagine the birdcalls before trying to plan their visual representations. (3:55)
  • Susan acknowledges the difficulty of trying to creating a visual representation from sound. (5:46) 

What are the benefits of having students plan and create using dry erase boards rather than paper?

Susan minimizes waste in her classroom by having students use individual dry erase boards to express their ideas.

  • Students easily share their ideas with one another using the sturdy boards. (4:15)
  • While imagining, students can brainstorm multiple ideas on the dry erase boards without wasting paper. (2:55)
  • While planning, students can and erase and add new ideas as they discuss their designs. (4:31)