Lesson 4

Sounds Like Fun: Seeing Animal Sounds

Representing Bird Sounds / Grade 4 / Brockton, MA

The EIE Curriculum

EiE- Sounds Like Fun: Seeing Animal Sounds Lesson 4

Students focus on the acoustical engineering problem of representing sounds as they imagine, plan, create, test, and improve their own representations of bird calls.

Reflection Questions

What are the steps that Diane’s students go through in the process of creating their bird call representations?

The steps that Diane’s students go through reflect the steps of the EDP.

  • The whole class listens to five bird calls. Each group has been assigned an individual bird but does not share its identity with the class. (1:49)
  • As the recording is played, individual students imagine their own ways to record the sound and draw their ideas on their own dry erase boards. (2:32)
  • Groups of students work together to combine their ideas into a single plan that they sketch on their dry erase boards. (3:38)
  • Students use any of the provided materials to create a three-dimensional representation of the bird call they have drawn on the dry erase board. (4:33)
  • Students present their representations to the class and other groups try to guess which bird call they tried to show. (4:42)

In what ways do you see Diane’s students provide support and encouragement for each other as they work in groups?

Diane’s students share their thinking with each other and work together to create their final sound representations.

  • One student suggests combining the strategies of two other team members in their final design. (4:05)
  • “I really think we should do this to make our graph shine!” exclaims one student to her group. (4:28)
  • All students share materials and take turns working on their group representations. (4:39)