Lesson 2

Sounds Like Fun: Seeing Animal Sounds

Shh! Damping Sounds / Grade 3 / Naples, FL

The EIE Curriculum

EiE- Sounds Like Fun: Seeing Animal Sounds Lesson 2

Students think like acoustical engineers as they test different methods for damping sound.

Reflection Questions

What strategies does Susan use to introduce the concept of sound and acoustical engineering to her students?

Susan asks questions related to the storybook, facilitates a brainstorming activity, and makes meaningful connections between sound and acoustical engineering for her students.

  • Susan asks her students where and when in the storybook Kwame heard sounds. (0:22)
  • Susan has students write different sounds they hear throughout the school day on sticky notes and sort them on a chart. (0:57)
  • Susan explains how acoustical engineers design ways to dampen competing sounds and make primary sounds clearer. (1:25)

How does Susan guide her students to identify vibrations as the source of sound?

Susan uses visual, hands-on teaching methods to show her students that vibrations are the source of all sound.

  • Susan has students hold tuning forks up to their cheeks to feel the vibration.  Students observe that the vibration stops once it touches their skin. (02:35)
  • Susan uses the teacher tip in the EiE Sound and Acoustical Engineering Teacher Guide (p.  62). She has her students touch tuning forks to the surface of water to make a visual connection between sound and vibrations. (3:06)
  • Susan has her students make a box guitar and put aluminum foil over the rubber bands.  She then asks what they observed after plucking the strings, guiding her students to make the connection between vibrations and the sound of aluminum foil moving. (6:17-7:00)