Lesson 2

Sounds Like Fun: Seeing Animal Sounds

Shh! Damping Sounds / Grade 4 / Brockton, MA

The EIE Curriculum

EiE- Sounds Like Fun: Seeing Animal Sounds Lesson 2

Students think like acoustical engineers as they test different methods for damping sound.

Reflection Questions

What evidence do you see that Diane spent time preparing before this lesson?

Diane prepared charts, sorted materials, and created student notebooks.

  • Diane prepared a large sound chart with four quadrants (primary sound, competing Sound, people sounds, machine sounds) that students use to sort the sound examples they come up with. (1:38)
  • Diane prepared bins of materials for each group. Bins include three pieces of felt and foil, a tuning fork, a piece of clay and rubber bands. (3:48)
  • Diane placed all of the unit handouts in a spiral-bound notebook for each student. (4:40)

What formative assessment strategies do you see Diane using?

Diane incorporates several strategies that help her evaluate whether students understand the concepts she is presenting,

  • By having each student write their sound ideas on sticky notes and post them on the chart, Diane can quickly assess their understanding of primary and competing sounds. (2:06)
  • As the class works to dampen the sound of the guitar strings, Diane rotates among small groups, asking questions to assess student understanding (4:42)
  • Diane has all students fill out the Damping Sound handout as they progress through the lesson. As she circulates, she can quickly assess what the students are recording. (9:29)