Lesson 3
Part 1

Catching the Wind: Designing Windmills

Testing Sail Designs (1) / Grade 2 / Cincinnati, OH

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Catching the Wind: Designing Windmills, L3 Part 1

Students predict, test, observe, and describe how sails made of different materials and shapes catch the wind. 

Reflection Questions

What strategies do you see Laura using to activate students' prior knowledge about wind?

Laura guides students to think about examples from the storybook, as well as their own experiences.

  • Laura begins by asking students to name things they remember seeing being blown around in the storybook Leif Catches the Wind. (0:15)
  • Laura asks whether students have seen sailboats in real life or in pictures, and then asks students to think about how sails can make a boat move. (1:25)
  • Laura guides students to think about the parachutes they designed in class, and which size parachutes worked well. (4:35)

What types of questions do you see Laura asking in order to guide students to share their ideas?

When students give an answer, Laura often asks follow up questions such as "What do you mean by that?" or "Can you tell me more?"

  • A student says stiffness means to be "still." Laura asks her to explain further and the student says she means that "it won't move". (2:50)
  • When a student suggests shape is important, Laura asks her to explain why. She says some shapes may catch wind better than others, which leads another student to share that she has heard triangles are the strongest shape. (3:38)
  • A student claims he doesn't know why he picked a material as a good choice. Laura questions him further and then he says he picked it because it is harder than some of the other materials. (9:15)