Lesson 2

Lighten Up: Designing Lighting Systems

Think Like an Optical Engineer / Grade 3 / Fairfax, VT

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Lighten Up: Designing Lighting Systems, L2

Students think like optical engineers as they explore how light interacts with a variety of materials.

Reflection Questions

What types of visual aids does Sandy use to help communicate with the class?

Sandy creates handwritten charts to highlight, preserve, and connect ideas over time. She also displays pages from the guide with the overhead projector and enlarges and modifies Lesson 2 worksheets.

  • At the beginning of the lesson, we see Sandy reviewing a chart that lists ideas about light that students had generated in a previous discussion. (0:24)
  • When demonstrating how students should set up their light investigations, Sandy projects photos from the teacher’s guide as a background for her demo. (1:32)
  • Sandy attaches a small sample of each material the students tested onto a very enlarged version of the lesson worksheet so that students can observe their properties as they discuss results. (4:02)

What do you notice about how Sandy presents the setup for the material-testing procedure?

Anticipating confusion over the materials testing, Sandy prepares illustrations and actual demonstrations to make the process clear to students.

  • Sandy first introduces the binder clips. She has labeled the index cards “Wall #1” and “Wall #2” and shows students how to use the binder clips as wall holders. (1:20)
  • Sandy sets up her demonstration right in front of the overhead, which is showing the setup illustration from the Teacher’s Guide. (1:30)
  • Sandy uses tissue paper as a sample material to demonstrate how to look in front, in back, and on the wall for reflected light. (1:48)