Lesson 1

Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters

Water Filters Storybook / Grade 5 / Jersey City, NJ

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Water, Water Everywhere: Designing Water Filters L1

A storybook introduces the engineering challenge and context. In this story, Salila, a girl from India, learns about environmental engineering as she designs her own water filter.

Reflection Questions

How does Marlene set the stage for the reading of Saving Salila’s Turtle?

Marlene sets the stage by having students share their prior knowledge about terms used in the book and guiding them to think critically about some of the issues in the story.

  • At the onset of the lesson, Marlene displays the cover of the book, including the description, “an environmental engineering story.” (0:25)
  • Before reading, Marlene reviews what students already know about the terms “engineer” and “environment.” (0:33–1:18)
  • To help everyone understand the story, Marlene reviews what water filters do and asks students where they might have seen one. (1:38–2:11)
  • Marlene has her students think critically about why it is important for all living things to have access to clean water. (2:16–2:40)

What types of “reading workshop” strategies do you see Marlene incorporating in the lesson?

Marlene stops at various points in the story and has students share their own responses to what they are reading in small groups.

  • Marlene prompts students to make connections to their own lives and motivations by asking, “How would you feel if you saw the turtle coming out of the dirty water?” (3:36)
  • Marlene asks students to share and justify their opinions about whether it is wise to move the turtle form the dirty water. She peaks their interest by announcing, “We’re going to continue reading to see what Salila actually does.” (4:35–5:16)
  • Marlene has students share their opinions about whether Salila’s idea to clean the water is a good one, and use evidence to support their opinion. (12:34–13:54)