Lesson 3

Now You’re Cooking: Designing Solar Ovens

What's Hot & What's Not / Grade 4 / Washington, D.C.

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Now You're Cooking: Designing Solar Ovens Lesson 3

Reflection Questions

What visual methods of representing data does Vanessa use in her classroom to help her students understand the differences between certain materials?

Vanessa knows that some of her students may struggle with the concept of change over time, so she chooses to represent the students’ collected data in multiple ways.

  • For both the environmental impact and the heat transfer scores, Vanessa has her students tape the materials to a piece of chart paper in order from least to greatest. (2:38, 8:31)
  • Vanessa uses a piece of chart paper that closely represents the students’ worksheet to help show temperature changes over time. (4:56)
  • The students get to see the data they collected between flat and shredded materials on a bar graph that Vanessa puts on an overhead projector. (6:19)

How do Vanessa’s interactions with students in small group discussions impact the way her students seek answers?

Vanessa allows all of her students to pursue questions they have and grapple with new concepts before giving them a direct answer.

  • Vanessa mediates a discussion between group members so that they all have a chance to share their ideas about material properties. (2:14)
  • Vanessa patiently guides a student that is struggling with recording her thoughts to record her answers on the worksheet. (8:08)
  • Vanessa speaks with a whole group by asking questions and not providing any answers about the environmental impacts of materials. (7:40)