Lesson 2

The Best of Bugs: Designing Hand Pollinators

Who Are Agricultural Engineers? / Grade 1 / Stillwater, MN

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - The Best of Bugs: Designing Hand Pollinators, L2

Students think like agricultural engineers as they perform a play about Integrated Pest Management at an apple orchard.

Reflection Questions

What evidence do you see that Julie spent time before class preparing materials and props for the play?

Before class, Julie created an apple tree from a bulletin board, made name tag lanyards for play characters, and enlarged and highlighted copies of the script for each child.

  • At the beginning of class, you can see the “Welcome to Honeybrook Farm” apple tree that provides an appropriate background for the play. (0:54)
  • Julie printed out the name of each character, laminated sheets of paper, and attached yarn to name cards so that they could be worn around the neck. (1:27)
  • Julie enlarged the text size on the scripts for her students and highlighted the lines that each child was responsible for. (1:53)

What does Julie do during this lesson to reinforce her students’ literacy skills?

Julie has her students practice vocabulary, take turns reading, and order the events in the story. 

  • Julie helps her students practice vocabulary by having them all say the term “integrated pest management” every time it comes up during the play.  (0:32, 2:19, 2:27)
  • Each student gains experience reading their lines aloud in front of the class. (2:05)
  • When creating the chart of problems and solutions, Julie focuses on the order of events in the story. (6:11)