Lesson 2

Thinking Inside the Box: Designing Plant Packages

Who are Packaging Engineers? / Grade 3 / Louisville, KY

The EIE Curriculum

EiE - Thinking Inside the Box: Designing Plant Packages, L2

Students think like packaging engineers as they examine and identify the functions of a wide variety of packages.

Reflection Questions

Erin modifies the lesson by including a discussion of different types of cereal boxes. How does this cereal box conversation reinforce the basic ideas of the unit?

Erin hopes the cereal boxes will introduce the idea of packaging to her students via a product that is familiar and kid friendly.

  • The conversation gives Erin another opportunity to introduce the term "consumer” and have her students think about the differences between adult and child consumers. (1:51)
  • Erin is able to focus on the differences between the three packages because they are all for the same product. (1:26)
  • The entire conversation reinforces the ideas presented in the water bottle discussion that follows, but introduces those ideas through a very kid-friendly product. (1:13–2:04)

How does this lesson prepare students for the next one?

Erin lays the foundation for future lessons by focusing on the functions of packages and the properties of materials. She also sets the tone for creative problem solving.

  • By considering actual examples, students reinforce their understanding of the functions of packaging. (5:46)
  • The lesson asks students to focus on the materials used for each package, which will become important when they design plant packages. (7:48)
  • The lesson sets the tone for engineering by encouraging creative thinking and novel design ideas. (9:07)