EiE Video Snippets: Engineering Habits of Mind

Children who develop engineering habits of mind . . .

persist and learn from failure.

Young engineers keep trying when things don’t go as planned and realize that solutions can always be improved.

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If your model hand-pollination device doesn’t work well at first, that’s OK. You can see what went wrong and improve the design.

Because engineering solutions rarely work the first time, students learn perseverance.

Student engineers are not afraid of failure. They keep improving their designs until they are satisfied with the results.

You need to know a lot about magnets to design a model magnetic-levitation transportation system (also known as a maglev train).

Evaluating your own design and thinking about ways to improve it are skills that all engineers need.

Can celebrating failure help students learn from their classroom struggles?

Engineering in the classroom can help students cope with failure as a learning opportunity.