EiE Video Snippets: Engineering Habits of Mind

Children who develop engineering habits of mind . . .

communicate effectively.

Young engineers use clear language to articulate ideas in oral, written, and visual forms. They clarify ideas by using examples or providing diagrams.

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What makes the best mortar for a wall? Students reflect on their testing of some materials and their properties.  

When everyone shares their ideas with the team, you may be able to combine those ideas and find an even better solution.

It’s important to consider the properties of magnets when you’re building a model maglev train.

The process of troubleshooting calls on students’ powers of observation and explanation.

Student engineers think creatively, communicate clearly, and collaborate with peers.

Engineers might prefer one step of the EDP over others, but all are important.

To prepare for an engineering challenge, students explore and describe material properties.

A member of a student group explains how to remember the function of a thermal insulator.