EiE Video Snippets: Engineering Habits of Mind

Children who develop engineering habits of mind . . .

work effectively in teams.

Young engineers work collaboratively. They draw energy from working with others and seek reciprocity.

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Arguing from evidence is an important engineering skill. Watch this team consider the results of their classroom tests when making a decision.

Engineers don’t work alone! They’re successful because they work in teams and share ideas.

Team members bring lots of different ideas to the table, but in the end, everyone has to agree on a design.

To choose a site for a bridge, apply what you know about rivers, streambanks, the qualities of soil . . . and people!

When everyone shares their ideas with the team, you may be able to combine those ideas and find an even better solution.

One group learns that imitation is the highest form of flattery.

Young students discover their love of science as they work on the Create step of the EDP.