Hop To It: Additional Educator Resources

Use these resources to support your teaching of the unit: Hop to It: Safe Removal of Invasive Species

Teacher Resources


Invasive Species

This National Geographic resource provides an overview of invasive species, the harm they can potentially cause the native ecosystem, and examples of invasive species around the world.



New Weapon Found to Fight Cane Toads

A new weapon has been developed in the fight against the spread of cane toads. Researchers from the University of Sydney and Queensland have found a simple way to help bring the numbers down by using the cane toad toxin to lure tadpoles into traps. (2:00)

Simple Machines

This video from IdahoPTV's D4K shows examples of the six simple machines: lever, pulley, wheel and axel, inclined plane, wedge, and screw. (3:00)

Venomous Cane Toads

This National Geographic video provides a close look at cane toad physiology and explains why this invasive species is dangerous to the living things in an ecosystem. (2:52)

Dirty Jobs Down Under: Toad Busters

This Discovery Channel video follows Mike Rowe as he travels to Australia to learn about the invasive cane toad and the efforts to decrease their population. (2:31)



Simple Machines Game

The Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago created this online game, which invites players to find the easiest way to do work using simple machines.



Alien Invasions

By Emily Sohn. for Science News for Students. This article highlights the problems created by the introduction of invasive species into an ecosystem.

Green Invaders

By Catherine Clarke Fox for National Geographic Kids. This article explores the dangers of adding plants from overseas to the delicate food web of native species.



The Threat of Invasive Species (Animal 911: Environmental Threats)

By Karen O'Connor. This book allows readers to discover how animals and plants that are introduced to a biome can bring native species to the brink of extinction. There are detailed photographs and vivid examples of how plants and animals battle for resources against unwanted competition. Recommended for reading at the 3–5 grade level. Publisher: Gareth Stevens Publishing (August 2013). ISBN: 1433997231