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STEM Beyond School Webinar Series

Exploring Computers
Wednesday, April 8 at 10am EST
Wednesday, April 15 at 2pm EST

During the webinar, you will explore the parts that all computers have in common– systems that always includes input, memory, processing, and output.
Audience: Parents, Educators

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Outbreak Alert! Understanding a Pandemic Response
Tuesday, April 7 at 5pm EST
Thursday, April 9 at 10am EST
Wednesday, April 15 at 5pm EST

Through the lens of EiE's middle school curriculum, Engineering Everywhere, this session is designed to help answer basic questions like: What is a pandemic? How do viruses spread? What do biomedical engineers do?
Audience: Parents, Educators, Middle School Students

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Mission Possible: Aerospace Engineering at Home
Friday, April 10 at 10am EST

Dream It! Plan It! Make it Happen! This fun and interactive session will provide guidance to parents and students for designing parachutes.
Audience: Parents, Educators, Elementary Students

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Developing PreK Problem Solvers
Thursday, April 9 at 5pm EST

Help your 3-5-year-old get creative and solve problems using a simplified engineering design process.
Audience: Parents, Educators

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Robot Game: Programming Your Family
Tuesday, April 7 at 2pm EST
Tuesday, April 14 at 2pm EST

During this webinar, we’ll teach an activity to introduce young programmers to key computer science concepts and will engage in CS practices like debugging.
Audience: Parents, Educators

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STEM for Families
Wednesday, April 8 at 2pm EST

If you’ve been asking yourself, “How do I foster STEM learning while my children are home?” then join our conversation!
Audience: Parents, Educators

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Go Green! Engineering Recycled Racers
Monday, April 13 at 10am EST

Learn about green engineering as you create a race vehicle using recycled materials.
Audience: Parents, Educators

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Taking Care of Our Earth: Designing Trash Collectors
Thursday, April 16 at 10am EST

This session will explore how to design a trash collector through the lens of an environmental engineer.
Audience: Parents, Educators, Early Elementary Students

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